Establishing the Impact of AI in Your Business

Addressing the challenges of AI projects begins with a thorough understanding of the technologies, and where to apply them to deliver ROI.  Our experienced consultants assist in the development of the business case, setting up the project portfolio to address the opportunities in your business, or in management of the programme or individual pilot projects.

Industry Experienced UK Based Consultants

The heart of our service lies in a dedicated consultant, experienced in your industry, whose role is to understand you business and the functions where you are looking to apply Cognitive Technologies.  Their role is to understand the feasibility of your ideas, to develop the business case and the programme of work to deliver it.

Your consultant provides the link to our development teams, such that projects are specified both functionally and technically, and who leads the QA process to ensure that the software deliverables both meet the specification required, and address the business case. Your allocated consultant maintains this continuity throughout.

As members of the HiveMind Network, we supplement our teams with additional specialist resources according to the demands of your situation.

How We Help

Our consulting engagements are frequently structured as Business Case, Feasibility Studies or R&D projects, depending on your situation:

  • As Is Assessment  Initial assessment to understand your current position in relation to your competition, and the scale of opportunity
  • To Be Visioning Establishing the ‘target outcome’ that will deliver on your business objectives
  • Technology Strategy Working out the technology support for the To Be state, and the mix of software products and projects to deliver it
  • Vendor Selection  Sifting through the ‘hype’ of the market to establish the right technology to deliver your vision
  • Transformation Roadmap  Planning the process of delivering the desired outcome
  • Solution and Product Development  Understanding the capabilities of the technology, the ecosystem and blending it into a new business model.

In the first phase of projects, we work in ‘consulting’ mode, and then co-ordinate delivery of the underlying software architecture and bespoke development of any software through in house teams, supported by specialists from our network of associates as appropriate to the project.

In Summary

Appoint us as your ‘in-house’ expert.  To get started with your project, or simply discuss your ideas, call us on +44 113 242 3795.