Internet of Things and Cognitive Software Development



Reducing Road Traffic Accidents and Deaths 

Around 20 deaths per year and hundreds of ‘lesser’ accidents are caused by driver inattention, including tiredness, in a global logistics service of 100,000 vehicles.  The direct cost is around $5m USD, aside from the emotional impact on the families of those involved.  A wearable ’collar‘ was identified that could be used to measure driver concentration / attention and warn when levels of inattention were problematic or critical.

Download: ‘Reducing Road Traffic Accidents and Deaths’



Increasing First Time Fix Rate

Parts availability tracking for field service engineers from a physical engineer’s van, equipped with scanning technology, an Edge-based IoT server, GPS and an advanced mobile communication link to maximise the connection back to a central cloud service, where the analytics and cloud-native application were hosted.

Download: ‘Increasing First Time Fix Rate’




Automating Inventory Identification

Store-wide prototype RFID deployment using Edge-based data servers to reduce network traffic to focus on critical business events for real-time visibility of stock and stock location to trigger automated replenishment and stock ordering.

Download: ‘Automating Inventory Identification’




Social Care
Social Care

Holistic Social Care Planning App

Software application that enables care planning within a care home community or a home setting, that can produce a service analysis to help care professionals to develop an ‘holistic’ approach to personal care for the future generational needs of those who need care provision.   It is based on a ‘cognitive’ or learning-based model from observed behaviours and history of prior cases.

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