Research and Development

Artificial Intelligence Is an Evolving Discipline

As the cutting edge of modern technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing are areas that on the surface offer a great deal.  Computerisation has already addressed two great waves of business improvement, initially through automation of processes and elimination of paperwork, later through integration of functions and business re-engineering to change the way work is done.  Overlaying that with machine intelligence represents  the next generational leap in technological capability.

Achieving that means another wave of exploration, whatever field that is in.  Exploration may have no direct business case, rather it is an essential step to establish the next phase of capability to understand, and to see how it can be used.

How Do You Work Out the Relevance of AI?

Depending on your organisation and its capability, your portfolio of IT projects will involve an element of R&D.  It would be unusual if you did not at least have some element of AI in that portfolio.  It’s in these areas that support from third parties with experience of use cases in other industries can provide invaluable insights into the art of the possible.

Don’t forget also that a critical eye to your business functions and processes, to look for where there are still bottlenecks, delays and poor performance can provide further raw material.  Ask your employees where the process or the computer system could be improved!  The wider perception of AI should not blind you to the ability to gain business benefit in what can appear to be simple business functions, making things work better in small and mundane ways.

In Summary

Almost every industry is trying to work out how it might use AI to improve business functions.  Our consultants have experience on which you can draw to help your IT teams get to grips with the promise.  To get started with your project, or simply discuss your ideas, call us on +44 113 242 3795.