Automation Platforms

Cognitive Engagement Technologies are Still Developing

It’s because of the relative immaturity that Cognitive Engagement projects to date have been more internally focused, and tried out in pilot mode in circumstances where the risk of failure has less impact for example on Customer Service functions or business reputation. Examples include:

  • intelligent agents (or lifelike avatars) providing 24*7 customer service capability – using natural language processing ‘chatbots’ – to undertake simple functions in IT support
  • answering employee HR related queries – pay, benefits, HR policies
  • product and service recommendations for retailers / e-commerce systems for cross and up-selling
  • customisation of care plans taking into account patients health and previous treatments, or holistic aspects of social care planning to ensure better personalisation

In early pilots, the immaturity might give rise to a high proportion of cases that need to be passed for human intervention.  Experimentation is high. with companies in many industries trying to work out where they can be more effective, but the approach remains a conservative one to date.

In Summary

Cognitive Engagement projects involve less mature technologies where the business case can be quite loosely understood.  To get started with your project, or simply discuss your ideas, call us on +44 113 242 3795.